Olia Fedorova, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Olia Fedorova – multidisciplinary сonceptual artist working with photography, video, installation and text. Born on 11 Feb 1994. Based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


My practice is focused on the exploration and interaction with environments as semantic spaces.

I take the thing out of the environment in which it has some meaning – and transfer it to the other one, where it loses this meaning, but is filled in with the new ones instead. At the same time, I watch how the environment continues functioning, how it changes itself to refill the voids that left. Thus I study the mechanisms and problematics of sense-formation, language and communication, along with the properties of different environments, and ways of interacting with them.

Along with that, through text practices I fill in my own voids, trying to speak out where it is customary to remain silent. I write about what bothers me, what makes me sad, ashamed or afraid, breaking foremost my own silence, and also calling others to speaking out and dialogue.

Personal site
- Detector gallery (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine);
- Dymchuk gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine);

- Circolo Cavallerizza (Torino, Italy).
- «Hudpromloft» (Kharkiv, Ukraine);

- «Soviart» gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine);

- «Vovatanya» gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine).
- Contemporary art center «Tea Factory» (Odesa, Ukraine);

- «Artsvit» gallery (Dnipro, Ukraine);

- «Vovatanya» gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine);

- Municipal gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine).